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Our Story

On September 1, 1953, the Robeson Baptist Association met to discuss the need of planting a new Baptist Church in Lumberton. The Godwin Heights community was selected as the site for the new church start and FBC Lumberton agreed to be the sponsoring church. In the auditorium of Rowland-Norment Elementary School forty-four persons signed enrollment cards to become charter members. This was the first meeting of the church. The date was December 13,1953. Charter enrollment continued until January 31, 1954 with the final number of 164 charter members.

The facilities of the church were completed in three stages. Services continued at Rowland-Norment Elementary for the next four years until November 16, 1958 when the church began meeting in its new educational building. Ten years later, in 1968, stage two was completed with the addition of our fellowship hall, kitchen, and staff offices. The first service in our new sanctuary was on December 16, 1984. Many people with a strong vision to be the presence of Christ to the Godwin Heights community, to share the love and grace and forgiveness God offers, have given their time, talents, and resources to provide such wonderful facilities in which we worship, study, and fellowship today. 

From the vision of those initial charter members we have continued to be faithful in worship and service of our God. Let us remain faithful even as our God is faithful!

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